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General Information

ESPEO undertakes to respect the provisions in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (2000, c.5). To view the provisions of this Law, please refer to the following Canadian government webpage:

ESPEO shall not alter its privacy policy, in any way that could affect the usage of your personal information, without notifying you in advance.

ESPEO undertakes to treat your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy under which this personal information was collected, unless we have the user's consent to treat his personal information differently.

Protecting your personal information

ESPEO will not use or permit the use of any of your personal information, except in connection with the ESPEO tool.

ESPEO may use your personal information to send you, by email, occasional updates deemed to be pertinent and of interest to you. You may unsubscribe from these updates at any time by following the link provided in the message.

In consideration of the above paragraphs, ESPEO shall not under any circumstance disclose your personal information or your email address to anyone outside ESPEO without your prior consent.

Some or all of the above paragraphs may not apply in the event that 1) ESPEO is required by law to act otherwise; 2) ESPEO believes, in good faith, that action is necessary to protect and defend the rights and property of ESPEO; 3) ESPEO must protect the personal safety of members of the public.

Protecting your passwords

Your passwords, once chosen, are protected using the MD5 algorithm. The MD5 algorithm is a one-way operation that prevents the original information from being deciphered. Your passwords are therefore very well protected, as they are indecipherable.

Protecting your messages and documents on our servers

Messages protected by a password are stored on the ESPEO servers after being encrypted using the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm with a block length of 256 bits. Our servers are hosted by IBM®.

Moreover, the security and the integrity of ESPEO are tested by IBM® on an ongoing basis. ESPEO undertakes to implement recommendations from IBM® and to update ESPEO in order to maintain its level of security at all times.

Each message is stored until the expiration date you yourself have specified when sending the message. After this date, the message is deleted from the ESPEO servers.

Minimal measures to enable tracking of ESPEO messages

The format of messages may differ from that of the original messages, as with all messages sent by email, but ESPEO does not control, under any circumstances, the content of messages sent by ESPEO.

The use of cookies is necessary to enable a message sent with ESPEO to be tracked. Our use of cookies is restricted to the technical management of sessions.

We hope you enjoy using ESPEO

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, our practices, or your dealings with ESPEO, please contact us at: